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  • Okay, sorry to overload this discussion with a multitude of questions but i have tried asking these in many places over the last 6 months or so wit no success. Finally i though this site might bring some hope for me and my PC.I know there are a few of these questions already answered on this site but I really want to make sure I get the exact answer for my problems. You will have to excuse my some of my mistakes in the post, one of which might be remembering exactly when events happened, i am not sure about a few things because this was quite a while ago and it is hard to remember every detail.

    I suspect the reason for all the following faults is my own stupidity, quite a while back i decided i must try and speed up my PC, I did follow a few tutorials but i still wasn't very educated when i decided i must try and disable as may services as possible to speed up my system, at first this seemed to work but then a multitude of errors came along and darkened my day, I really didn't know where these were coming from as i had gone through many "Speed Up" programs and i didn't know about the system restore function so i hadn't made one (but now i almost always make a restore point before running any sort of speed up/ antivirus etc program). After months of hard work I fixed a lot of the problems (and also learned a lot about computers in the process) but a few errors stayed and i am hoping you can help.

    I do think that a few of these are related or caused by the same fault (I am pretty confident in saying that if all the driver problems are fixed 95% of my problems will go away)

    The Problems:

    Devices (Please excuse spelling):

    1. Microsoft 60to4 adapter  

    2. Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    3. Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

    From a look through the Device Manager the issue stated for all is "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"


    I used to use my Bluetooth headphones (Jaybird SB2's) extensively with my PC because i love the "no wires = no clutter" sort of idea. Basically one day i decided to try and use them as normal but i had a problem, it wouldn't let me connect. Now, i know it's not my headphones because they still work fine with my IPod Touch, and (i think) i know the bluetooth isn't all messed up with my pc as (a few weeks ago) i purchased a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse but they have a USB that you have to plug in (all the time) to make them work so it might not have anything to do with the PC. I did once get the headphones to connect but it was kind of a fluke, i was almost randomly connecting then disconnecting my headphones from my ipod and trying to connect them to my PC and randomly it worked but it was too tempting to try and disconnect and reconnect to try ans see if it was a permanent fix, and (as you can guess) i lost my connection and haven't got it back since. When i open "My Bluetooth" it says "The attached bluetooth dongle is not supported.", i hope this is enough pointers to come up with a solution, although remember, i am not 100% sure about everything i am writing, especially this Bluetooth part.  


    1. Can't hear friend on voice chat on any program other than Skype: I am still not completely sure that it my computer that is the problem because (you know what, i'll explain this algebraically)

    A (me) talk TO B (friend 1) WORKS

    A (me) talk TO C (friend 2) WORKS

    B (friend 1) TO A (me) DOESN'T WORK!

    C (friend 2) TO A (me) WORKS (from what i can remember, but now i am not so sure)


    I think the only reason it works perfectly on Skype and not Steam or Gmail is that (from what i know) Skype uses its own server or something so it doesn't matter about my PC problems.

    2. No Internet Access to WiFi Problem: I think this one is almost solved but not fully, basically my WiFi didn't used to work because it couldn't connect, in the end i solved this and i think it was a problem with my AVG firewall and the Internet Protocol version 6, after turning these both of solved the problem but turning them on doesn't mean the problem comes back (or not at least until the next time i connect). That problem i think i solved but the current problem is that the WiFi doesn't seem to let all my internet devices connect (my IPod, Desktop and Laptop) and it only seems to flick on if the other device isn't using the internet and then back if the situation swaps, the oddest thing is that this isn't always the same story as sometimes more than one people can be using the internet and they'd both work. Also when i first connect my laptop to the internet it says no internet acess for about two minutes  before it starts working.


    I know this is small but it is weird, the little light for that turns onto red when i press the mute button my keyboard doesn't work, i think i did once fix this but it didn't permanently work and i cant remember how i did it. From what i can remember, I'm pretty sure it turns on (along with the red light for the internet button) when the PC is turning on, but recently I am not sure if it has been doing that for the mute light.


    I remember i have had the occasional "Blue Screen of Death" because of driver problems (as always, i assume) one that has occurred a few times is, when i used to be able to connect my headphones, connecting/disconnecting in an odd way like accidentally trying to connect them to my IPod and PC at the same time (or something like this) would cause a BSOD. One thing that is still garenteed to cause a BSOD is when i try to change my defult primary audio device (i think it's called that) on a program to ASIO4ALL, straight away my PC will crash. 

    My Main Specs:

    HP Pavilion DV6 Notebook PC

    Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

    Intel i5, 4GB RAM and the standard specs (nothing has been changed from the original product)


    There are most likely a few things i have missed but these are the key problems i can remember at the moment and i feel bad for not remembering all the details and going back on almost everything i said but i tried give as much info as possible.

    Thank you for your time and even more thanks if you decide to help.

    Thursday, July 28, 2011 10:19 PM

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