How can I use sub-site columns in templates or stop columns inheriting values from parent site? RRS feed

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    Our SP2007 Site collection uses several site-specific columns , which are applied in all our sub-sites. If you change a column on the parent site it will change the columns on all sub-sites. We now want to add columns that do not inherit the values from the parent site, for example one columns for topics with values (topic1,2,3 for sub-site A and topics4,5,6 for sub-site B). Here is the problem:

    - If I create the column ‘topic’ on the parent site, it will show topics 1-6 in each sub-site

    - If I create columns ‘topic’ on sub-site a and b, these columns will not be copied if I save the site as a template.

    - If I create a look-up function linked to a custom list on the subsite it will change the values of already tagged items if I modify the list (for example: I tagged several documents as topic1,2 or 3 but we don’t deal with topic 3 any longer and I want to show only topic 2,3 and add topic 4. If I delete topic1 all values with topic 1 will be deleted, if I change topic1 to topic4, all topic1-tagged items will be tagged as topic4.)

    - If I have just one column 'topic' on the parent-site, the choice list in the meta-data page becomes too long and many topics are just irrelevant for the sub-site users.

    A possible solution is to create a column on the parent-site that could be separated on the sub-site, hence once a sub-site was created by a template it can be modified on the subsite only. Another option is to find a solution that sub-site columns can be saved in templates and not get deleted (this is important, because we have many filtered views in our web-parts and filtered views are completely deleted as soon as you delete just one column of your filtered view).

    Look-up functions might not work, since there are many problems with look-up functions if you want to migrate a site or save it as template. Moreover filter-options for look-up functions are very limited (only ‘equal’ works but not ‘contains’ or ‘begins with’). SP2010 offers hierarchical look-up functionality (lookup list-items only that contain ‘subsiteA’ in list-colum2) but the other problems (saving as template, filter-options) have not been solved.

    Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem both in SP2007 and SP2010?

    Thursday, March 8, 2012 12:41 AM