Cannot update Folder redirection location


  • Hello everyone,

    We've been using folder redirection (BASIC) for a VERY long time. The variable set was %HOMEFOLDER%%HOME% (ie: Redirect to the user's home directory).

    Yesterday we spun up a new file server and mounted the 'home' LUN on that server. Do instead of the home folder being   \\file-server-01\home\username it's now   \\newfile-server-01\\home\username.

    We didn't make any change to the GPO, but we did make a change to all users profiles within AD since the home folder server name has changed.

    The issue we're facing is the change isn't applied in the registry, we still see the old path here:

    HKLU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

    although new machines have the correct new path.

    any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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