Trust between 2 domains fails because of remnants from an old SBS 2003 server that no longer exists


  • I am trying to create a one-way external trust between two different ADs.  However, it is failing with the message:

    The operation failed.  The error is: This operation is not supported on a computer running Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server

    There is NOT an SBS 2003 server in our environment.  We did a migration 4 years ago to SBS 2008.  This past year we migrated to Server 2008 Standard.  We build a new PDC and BDC.  The PDC has the same name as the non existent SBS 2003 server.  The SBS 2003 was never cleanly removed from AD because of a hardware issue. 

    It has now come back to haunt us.  Is there a way to remove the remnants of the SBS 2003 server from AD so that the trust can be established?  I can't remove the server name with NTSDutil because the new server 2008 PDC has the same name as the old SBS 2003 server.

    A one-way trust (internal) has been created from extranet Server 2012 AD to internal AD server 2008 successfully

    A one-way trust (external) has not been created from Internal AD to Extranet AD due to error above.

    If there are step by step instructions, it would be truly appreciated.  

    Thank You
    Friday, October 04, 2013 6:01 PM