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  • I take issue with others controlling my system. For example:

    I click on a link in a web page. Maybe I middle click a half dozen links on a news website.

    Suddenly one of the web pages is screaming in my face even though the last irritating time this happened I moved the volume level to zero.

    It used to be we had a simple volume level control in the system tray and we could very simply, and quickly, mute or lower the volume.

    But with this stupid ACPI crap the operating system and the website are given control. For a user (the actual owner of the tangible hardware who should have complete control at all times) to shut the stupid thing up they have to fight and fight and refight.


    What idiot did this and where can I find them in a dark alley?

    Is there a way to disable this with respect to particular hardware items (sound, for example)?

    What in the world is in the water in the suicide capital of the world known as Redmond Washington that leads Microsoft employees to do this?

    How does Microsoft benefit from this? I know I don't benefit from my speakers screaming randomly at 3am when others are trying to sleep and I'm trying to get a project finished up.


    Sunday, February 20, 2011 1:24 PM


  • In Windows 7 you can still turn down the volume simply by clicking the icon and drag that slide. With this new feature you can drag down the volume of IE but keep the current global volume. This new feature will only be good at this in your scenario.

    The new volume control interface It is by design. Cannot be changed.

    Adjust the sound level on your computer

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