FCS questions - our org might be switching from Trendmicro to FCS RRS feed

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  • We are seriously thinking about switching from Trendmicro to FCS. 

    I couple of things stand out for us:

    1st - When will FCS be released to RTM?   

    2nd - What will be the support options with FCS?    Is there going to be a site where if a file containing a virus goes undetected we can upload to the FCS team?

    3rd - Do you really need MOM?    Could you use an existing MOM installation?

    4th - When you setup WSUS can you only use WSUS to deploy the engine and virus pattern updates, we currently use SMS 2003 to update our machines with patches, we don't want to switch to WSUS.   

    5th - How often does the patterns get updated?  can we setup our server to check every hour?

    6th - Can we setup where FCS sends emails when there are certain virus outbreaks?


    We read all the deployment guides and we are about ready to start a test environment.     


    Tuesday, March 6, 2007 12:55 AM

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  • Hello!

    Thanks for the post - lots of questions, so I'll take them one at a time

    Q1: FCS RTM

    A1:  FCS is slated to RTM in Q2 of CY 07 (very soon!)

    Q2:  Support options for malware

    A2:  Yes, we will be hosting a malware portal where customers will be able to submit samples to the analysis team for review

    Q3:  Do you really need MOM?

    A3:  Yes, you are required to use the edition of MOM shipped with FCS.  And no, you cannot use an existing MOM installation with FCS.  An existing installation is required to be completely seperate

    Q4:  Can you just use WSUS for engine/signature updates

    A4:  Absolutely.  You can configure WSUS to only download Definition Updates (signatures) for Forefront Client Security and nothing else.  This will integrate cleanly into your existing SMS patch distribution setup

    Q5: How often do signatures get updated?  How often can we check

    A5:  Signatures will be updated often (at least daily) and will also be released promptly following an outbreak detection/analysis/signature generation.  WSUS is configured (via the FCS Update Assistant) to check MU for signatures hourly.  Clients can be configured to contact WSUS hourly, so the longest turnaround time is 2 hours

    Q6:  Can FCS send emails on virus outbreaks

    A6:  Yes - you can use the functionality of MOM notification groups for this.  Setup the proper notification groups in MOM and tie them to the Outbreak Alert or other specific FCS alert of interest

    Hope this helps


    Forefront Client Security PM

    Tuesday, March 6, 2007 2:21 PM
  • Chris,

    Thanks a lot for answering all the questions for me.




    Friday, March 9, 2007 2:44 PM