RMS with Smartcard / Etoken encryption


  • Hi,

    we have an infrastructure here where users already have an Aladin Etoken for personal authentication, e-mail-encryption, file system encryption...

    As I understand, the user's public key is stored on the token and the public key published in AD.

    The respective certificates are signed by a trusted "official" CA and published within AD.

    As I understand, RMS uses its own encryption/decryption method independent of existing CA and certificate infrastructure.

    Is it possible to enforce using the the users token key pair for encryption/decryption with RMS?

    - i.e. a document would only be encypted by RMS if the author's token is accessable and only be available to the selected users when their token is available. 

    (From what I read so far, my educated guess is that this is not implemented)

    Thanks for your help in advance - Stefan   

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 11:10 AM