Cancelling a Service request leaves underlying activities and implementation unchanged


  • When cancelling a service request, a note is saved to "implementation notes" section, but two things remain unchanged:

    1. Implementation result is not filled with any state (Successfully Implemented, Failed, Rejected, Cancelled, etc)

    2. No underlying activity is updated, all manual and review activities stay unchanged.

    My question is, "What is the justification of this update?" is it simply left out to IM Manager to create according workflows to change the aforementioned activities or current configuration has justification in ITIL or MOF?

    I can think of scenarios where the naive configuration may lack proper correctness to maintain the health states of activities ( I am thinking of a cancelled service request whose review activity is still pending a voting process which subsequently leads to nothing but a dead-end)



    Saturday, August 03, 2013 4:51 PM


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