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  • I recently moved our organization from MessageLabs to FOPE. Ever since I am getting buried in complaints about spam. Originally I went with the default options. No ASF, and action was spam quarantine. Users complained to no end that they had to visit an external location to view or preview their spam and/or too many things getting to their inbox that was spam. 

    Upon the recommendation of a MS support engineer I enabled all of the ASF options. Well then I got buried in complaints that everything was being detected as spam.  So I followed the best practices for configuring FOPE guide and enabled only image links, spf record fail and from addr auth. It has quieted down a bit, but I still can get complaints for too much spam or for legit items being detected as spam. To make matters worse, I changed our action to x-header so that items could be sent to users Junk Email folder in hopes that they will not complain about having to visit an external quarantine. But it seems that that action is not always 100 percent consistent.  Some items still get quarantined. I asked the MS support engineer. The response--yeah, that happens sometimes. 

    Exchange admin is not my only task. I also do SCCM and all networking here ( switching, routing, firewall, etc). So needless to say, I do not have all day to play with spam setting or field user complaints about the same. I was really hoping this transition would be smoother.  There is a fairly large cost savings since FOPE was already covered under our SA agreement. So management decided we should try FOPE rather than pay X dollars to MessageLabs.  But this whole thing is proving to be a right PITA.

    Does anyone here have some more experience with this service and can throw me a bone or two about how to best configure the service so that it is not ticking off all my users constantly?


    Thursday, January 16, 2014 2:52 PM