App-V 5 streaming SMB vs HTTP RRS feed

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  • It is my understanding that when a package is added via the management console, that if a UNC path is used (e.g. \\server\share\myApp.appv) then SMB is used to stream.  But if an http URL is used (e.g. http://server.1234/myApp.appv), then http is used to stream.  Is this accurate?

    Are there advantages/disadvantages to using SMB vs HTTP?

    Also, its not clear and documentation is vague on HOW to get a package added by http.  The documenation says the URL should be server.1234 - but what is the 1234?  The port?  How does the system need to be set up to reach myApp.appv?

    Nick Moseley | http://t3chn1ck.wordpress.com

    Thursday, May 23, 2013 6:50 PM


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  • Hello,

    Yes, that is correct

    Enter the url for the package, for example:


    Nicke Källén | The Knack| Twitter: @Znackattack

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  • Thanks for the confirmation on the SMB vs. HTTP.  Unfortunately adding via HTTP still fails with "An unexpected error occurred while retrieving AppV package file. Internet error code: 12007 - The server name or address could not be resolved".  I'm certain this is because IIS has no idea where to locate yourfolder/yourpackage.appv.  So how does AppV configure the server where the files reside to access these files?  Or are there additional steps required to manually configure on the management server?

    For example, I've tried:

    • http://server.80/d$/AppV_Source/Notepad++ 6.3.3/Notepad++ 6.3.3.appv
    • http://server.80/AppV_Source/Notepad++ 6.3.3/Notepad++ 6.3.3.appv
    • http://server.8090/d$/AppV_Source/Notepad++ 6.3.3/Notepad++ 6.3.3.appv
    • http://server.8090/AppV_Source/Notepad++ 6.3.3/Notepad++ 6.3.3.appv
    • http://server.8091/d$/AppV_Source/Notepad++ 6.3.3/Notepad++ 6.3.3.appv
    • http://server.8091/AppV_Source/Notepad++ 6.3.3/Notepad++ 6.3.3.AppV

    Where port 8090 is the management server port, 8091 is the publishing port, and AppV_Source is both a folder on D: and the share name.

    Nick Moseley | http://t3chn1ck.wordpress.com

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013 3:39 PM
  • Hello,

    You need to setup a dedicated web-site to stream from where the packages are available.

    The Management server and the publishing server are not a streaming server and those roles can not be used as such.

    See this guide for mime-type configuration (see package repository)


    Nicke Källén | The Knack| Twitter: @Znackattack

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  • That's great and it looks to be the information I was trying to find but couldn't.  I'll give it a shot and hopefully it'll work out (and I'll outline the process on my blog if its successful).

    Nick Moseley | http://t3chn1ck.wordpress.com

    Thursday, May 30, 2013 2:46 PM
  • As it turns out, that information was not as helpful as first perceived.  However, the following for AppV 4.6 worked just as well as a guide for AppV 5.0


    Nick Moseley | http://t3chn1ck.wordpress.com

    Friday, June 7, 2013 10:30 PM
  • It's pretty easy and I agree, Microsoft should have added default HTTP streaming support and should have provided us with more details about SMB versus HTTP streaming benefits. I've posted the three simple steps for configuring HTTP streaming on the blog and will post the performance test data (HTTP versus SMB streaming) in time as well: (Microsoft confirmed that HTTP is the prefered streaming protocol...) 


    Jeroen Spaander

    Friday, October 25, 2013 1:07 PM