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  • I am new to FCS, but I wanted to poke around at it and see what was developing.  One question I had was this:  What files are being added to the signatures?

    I do not have virus samples with which I would infect the VM I am using to test this, so I tried the next best thing: hacking tools.  I know that Symantec goes nuts if it detects Cain and Abel being copied to the computer (not even installed - simply copied).  I copied it to my VM and the response was zilch.  So, I installed it, and still nothing.  I ran a scan, and still nothing.

    I do have realtime protection running.

    So I was wondering what the policy is for adding to the definition files.  Is MS just adding the most current viruses right now?  Or are they adding the most current malware and spyware with it?  What about hacking tools and keystroke loggers etc...?   I would assume that MS has a database of definitions from the Defender group as well as from the AV group.  Why doesn't this tool handle hacking utilities?  Are there plans to protect against things like this?


    Friday, January 12, 2007 3:19 PM