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  • Hello,

    We are using Project Online 2013.  I am just learning about the delegate and reassign functions and am looking for any references on how each of them work within PWA timesheets and MS Project. 

    It would be helpful to have a source that would help me to understand what happens when I delegate a task vs. reassign a task; particularly with regard to impacts on the project schedule.

    Our PWA may be used unconventionally in that I am the PM, but I have 5 other PMs that each have their own client base.  We have tasks that are assigned to specific team members, but that model does not work in all departments.  One department has general admin help and passes work along ad hoc.  For this type of scenario, I am trying to find the best process to track the helpers time, without having to bug the PM every time the resource does an ad hoc hand off for help. 

    We can assign the general admin help as a delegate, but I believe that the this function will allow time entry from the delegate, but only on behalf of the originator.  This option looks to work well in that it does not change the project schedule (key if we are not wanted to ask the PM).

    We can also reassign a task, and this will allow for the resource enter time and be accounted for, but I believe this changes the project schedule.  We work typically in non-effort driven/fixed duration and have hours assigned to each task.  This change can change the project schedule without the PM knowing.  Not good.

    Then, there is the team reassignment pool.  Based on my understanding, this allows for a team to be assigned to a task, and then they can share the task, or add themselves to the task??  I haven't dug to far into this.

    I have been searching, but can't seem to find anything that will help me to understand how each choice works and any implications that need to be considered (pros and cons of each).  Is there any such thing, or do I have to go through and set up each scenario and test it out gather this information?

    Any references for me to read to understand these options more would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much in advance.


    Kerry Soltysinski

    Monday, June 19, 2017 9:00 PM