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  • Hello Guys

    I have the following question about notification SCSM

    I have two groups to meet the requirements, only to meet a group and another group request to attend incidents.

    I have created some templates for notifications, but I need to solve the following:

    I need the request of incidents,reaches a mail called helpdesk-incident@domain.com and the templates created for requirements are referred to another support group.

    It is possible to discriminate who should get the post according to category (Requirements or Incidents)?

    I could not find a way to make this, as I am not very expert in SCSM, only know more than HelpDesk CA and could make the discrimination of mail depending on the type of event.



    Sunday, June 28, 2015 3:00 PM


  • When does the SG get assigned to either group?  During creation or after a review of the IR?  That will determine what kind of Subscription Notification you should set up.  In the admin section of the console, build a new subscription, choose to have it run at implementation or after modification and set the additional criteria to a specific support group (you'll likely need two notifications to do this, one for each support group)...then assign your Helpdesk or requirements SG e-mail template as well as the recipient of the e-mail.

    1.  Choose when to notify:  When CREATED or When UPDATED

    2.  Select Targetted class: Incident

    3.  Additional Criteria:  Incident-->Support Group equals "Helpdesk" or "Requirements SG"

    4.  Select the e-mail notification template you will have to create (you can make one for both Helpdesk and the other one if you wish)

    5.  Select e-mail recipients:  Whatever e-mail you want to send it to

    Again, you may need to make one for each support group you are keying on.

    Sunday, June 28, 2015 3:25 PM