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  • Hello,

    we are often facing an Issue where Customer need to repair the "Project Pro Client" to correct the fact that:

    - PWA … Project Center … select one Project
    - Click "Open" and then click "in Microsoft Project for Editing" ends up in different Error Messages.

    As it is possible to connect to the Project Server from the Project Client (winproj.exe) and "open/edit" is working in a correct way it is sometime difficult to explain that a Repair of the Installed Product (Project Pro) is the Solution.

    Technical I am understanding the fact that there is something broken inside the "Registry" of the "Project Pro Client" which needs to be repaired that the whole functionality is back and working.

    Thanks to the Blog-Post of Marc Biarnes cause this is helping to understand what happen on clicking the Button to open the Plan from the PWA Site.

    In short:
    Is there an easier way to get the problematic Registry corrected?
    Or is the "Repair Installation of the Project Pro Client" real the only Option and Way?

    And … the most important Point here:
    In many Environments a "Project Manager" does not have "local rights" to do a repair and the Admins do have a lot of work to correct the "local Systems" of each PM.

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    Monday, November 11, 2019 12:18 PM