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  • Hi All - 

    I've been searching for a concise best guidance procedure for migrating an active set of users to start using roaming profiles and folder redirection.  This is being done on a 5 user/5 workstation network that the end goal is simply to have the users desktop and app settings follow them (outlook and imap mail the most important) to various windows 7 nodes.  A brand new, never logged in user works as expected with their desktop profile following.  A user who has a local profile on one machine seems to both copy that profile to their home directory (but under profile.v2) and have a new profile and resulting set of folders created at the root of their home directory.

    Since this does not capture the current desktop and make it mobile, is there additional steps I need to take (manual copying, deleting of profiles?) and would that be before or after making the changes to the user's properties?

    Any advice or pointing at documentation is appreciated.  Most of what I found seems to reverse the direction we are taking (i.e. Roaming back to Local).

    Thank you

    Tom H

    Wednesday, December 5, 2012 6:43 PM