Conferencing problems with pilot pool 2013


  • Hi,

    I am currently in the process to upgrade my lync environnment to 2013 version. Below it's the actual situation :
    - 1 Standard FE Lync Server 2010
    - 1 Edge Lync Server 2010
    - 1 Enterprise FE Lync Server 2013 (pilot pool & Windows 2012 R2)
    - 1 Office Web App Server (Windows 2012 R2)

    After moving 3 users to the new pool, i'm currently doing test and i experience some problems with conferencing features : I can't share a PowerPoint presentation or white board. Desktop sharing works. I test it with two users on 2013 pool, and with only one user it's the same behaviour. This is strange, because when i reboot the FE 2013 theses features works, but the day after it's broke.
    On the Lync Client I received an Error ID 3097 (ID Source 243).
    On event viewer of front-end i can see :
    - Event 32068, LS User Services

    The Mcu Factory returned failure for a request sent to it. Conferencing requests for this Mcu type will be retried but if this error continues to occur conferencing functionality will be affected.
    Mcu Type: data-conf
    Cause: Mcu factory not being provisioned or functioning incorrectly.
    Ensure that the Mcu Factory is provisioned and functioning correctly. If any network related errors are reported by the Mcu Factory ensure that they are resolved.

    -Event 61029, LS MCU Infrastructure

    The process RtcHost(1032) received an invalid client certificate.

    Certificate error: 2148204816.

    -Event 61035, LS MCU Infrastructure

    This process was not able to update its health status

    The Web Conferencing Server failed to send health notifications to the MCU factory at https://xxx:444
    Failure occurrences: 14992, since 01.11.2013 15:08:06.
    Cause: Either the Front End service is not running, or poor network connectivity.
    Verify that the Front End Service is available, and its machine is visible over the network.

    Maybe it's related to certificates, when i deployed front end, it couldn't start until i moved an intermediate certificate to the correct store. This intermediate certificate is not used by any components of lync.
    I have seen client log (uccapi) but cannot find some interresting informations, same with cls logs.

    Thanks for help ;-)

    Monday, November 04, 2013 10:32 AM


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