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  • Hello,

    Launching a project that requires us to restrict email to only those involved in the project.

    Ie, they can only send emails to each other, and a few select DLs such as HR, not the entire domain.

    Is it possible to do this is exchange 2013 or 365?


    Tuesday, March 28, 2017 5:57 PM

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  • Hi,

    Do you mean the message only be allowed to deliver within some special DG, and cannot send message to other users?

    If so, we can use transport rule to achieve this goal. For example:
    The message from the member of DG2 will be reject with an notification 'Do not send message to others, except its own group',  except send message to the member of DG2.
    [PS] C:\windows\system32>Get-TransportRule "Received from a member of 'DG2'" | FL Identity,Description
    Identity    : Received from a member of 'DG2'
    Description : If the message:
                      Is received from a member of group ''
                  Take the following actions:
                      reject the message and include the explanation 'Do not send message to others, except your own
                  group' with the status code: '5.7.1'
                  Except if the message:
                      Is sent to a member of group ''

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