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  • right hand users (who are the majority of users) preffered navigation pane to the right part of explorer, specially those who use touchscreen computers , asked for having propertree (of Navigation Pane) to the right, as it is more comfortable for them, its more near to their hand the right part of a window, so they can ease and quiq select a shortcut directory from propertree.

     i suggest , if it is possible, microsoft's engineers to make an utility, or any thing controling real time this (or after a restart or log out-log in),if not possible adding this to 7 (sp2?) or to add to the new edition windows 8, giving the choice to the user to which part of the window right or left preffers to be the navigation pane. (depending each user his/her needs)

    i hope this shouldl be,  for having a real more flexible system.


    (anyway,i have re written all the parts of the uifiles of shell32.dll refferd to explorer setting of navigation pane , details pane and preview pane (but not yet added code for smaller windows such as the 'save as,' window as i have not test this specific)  so setting navigation pane to right, details pane to left and preview pane to top  http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/Dios-Afi-Zeus-Touch-213522881 )






    Sunday, July 10, 2011 9:13 AM

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