Can MDT 2012 U1 use domain based DFS share?


  • Hi all,

    For a multi site MDT 2012 U1 enviroment with MDT servers all 2008 R2. can you use a domain based DFS share and replicate that around my MDT servers as my deployment share?

    For example \\DOMAIN\MDT\DEPLOY

    Idea is that all MDT servers will look and use this deployment share and if one server updates it, it will replicate the changes around to the other servers. I was going to point all MDT servers to the same SQL Express instance DB to use the settings from there.

    My reason for this question is that i have watched a Train Signal DVD where it is said that DFS replicating will cause BS.INI and CS.INI to be overwritten everytime with the wrong deploy root. With this way i am hoping each server will look at the above path and deploy from a local server

    All advice is greatly appreciated

    ronnie.jorgensen systems engineer
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    Friday, May 17, 2013 2:38 PM


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