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  • When I was young we all had black telephones.  Today I am surrounded by means unknown during formative years, what should a Cultural Refugee do during the Golden Years?   I shall use Autoruns to discover what programs are auto starting on My Personal Computer. To prepare for using Autoruns I made a Clean Install of Win 10 Pro 64-bit, Office 2010 and Macrium Reflect on a notebook with an i5 CPU and SSD; then I ran Autoruns and backed up to a USB  hard drive.   Next thing I plan to dois explorer everything that happens on My Personal Computer as a result of downloading, installing and running three free utility programs

    First question, how can I determine if I made the Clean Install correctly?   I ran Autoruns Online should I have downloaded Autoruns? Where should I store the output?

    Second question, did I run Autoruns correctly? When I ran Autoruns there were 2 programs with a Yellow color and 2 dozen marked Pink. Should I leave them alone or do something?

    Question 3, how should I backup?  I made an image file of the System partition with Macrium Reflect in compressed mode and verified it. Should I have made a different type of backup?

    Question number 4 I plan to download CCleaner, Speccy and Adware Cleaner.  I would like to determine the changes these actions cause on My Personal Computer, How should I use Autruns to do this?

    I subscribe to the notion that genius is asking someone with at least 10 years of experience What To Do and listening to them.  Can someone help me? 

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