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  • Hi,

            I have 4 applications (Let their names be W,X,Y,Z) which have the same dependency (Name be D).

    1. I have added the packages (W,X,Y,Z) to the management console (and I have left them in unpublished state as  I will publish them as part of the connection group)

    2. Created 4 connection groups C1,C2,C3,C4

    3. Added the 4 packages and the dependency to each of these connection groups and published them to a same AD group

    C1  - W,D

    C2 - X,D

    C3- Y,D

    C4 - Z,D

    5. I tried launching the application a machine and observed that shortcuts of W,X,Y,D ran as expected but for D, it logged an eventvwr error as below

    The virtual application '\Device\HarddiskVolume1\ProgramData\App-V\379CA48E-2C9B-431B-8E73-7B3165C1F022\B073D84F-5FFE-4B53-91EE-9EFC9448AF47\ROOT\VFS\SYSTEMX86\XXXXX.EXE' could not be launched because the App-V Client could not determine which environment to use.  Provide a priority to the app connection group for the package and try again.

    6. I have changed the priority group for each package - The priority is set with the same as ID name

    7. But I am facing the similar issue as mentioned in point5.

    8. So to cross check the priority I have run the command get-appvserverconnectiongroup in the APP-V server and found that the priority is same as I set. But when I launched the publishing URL, I have found that the priority for every group is still reflecting as 0.

    Command used to change the priority number - Set-Appvserverconnectiongroup "APPNAME" -priority <PriorityNumber>

    Can anyone let me know how to resolve the issue so that I can resolve the eventvwr error.


    Krishna C K

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  • Are you using the latest version of the Publishing/Management Server?  The initial versions had issues with getting the right priorities.

    You have to have App-V 5 SP1 HF1 (Build 5.0.1211.0).

    For the Server software, SP1 HF 4 is the newest version


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    Sunday, August 10, 2014 10:44 AM
  • I am using the client version SP1 HF1 (Build 5.0.3361.0) on the client machine and

    and APP-V server version on 5.0.1104.0 SP 1on Sever.

    If this is not the exact versions that need to be used, could you please location of the installables.

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  • App-V 5 SP 1 HF 1 (required for your problem)

    App-V 5 SP1 HF 4 (recommended, as it includes the fix for your problem, the fixes of HF2 and another fix)


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  • btw: still you have to use Poershell to set the priority; the Management Console doesn't allow that


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    Monday, August 11, 2014 8:59 AM
  • Yes, we have to use powershell to set the priority.

    Thank you Falko for the information

    Monday, August 11, 2014 10:46 AM