OneNote 2007 and right to left support RRS feed

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  • I have Win 7 Ultimate with all the relevant language packs installed. I also have MS 2007 Enterprise installed. My default language is set to English (Australia).

    When I set the language to Arabic (Saudi Arabia) and then create a new page, I expect that the margin would be on the right side (as with MS Office 2013) rather than the left, but this doesn't happen. I need to manually click Right To Left Text-Direction which changes the text direction but the margin still stays on the right side and the caption in which one writes the title and the date below remain on the left side of the screen. When I click RTLTD, the cursor is also automatically right aligned, but the point of reference still seems to be the left margin. The cursor does not move to the right side of the page.

    When I hit enter to move to the line below the title, I end up quite close to the left margin - I need to manually move the cursor to a more appropriate position.

    Is there a way to make OneNote 2007 deal more gracefully with multiple languages and in particular with right to left and left to right languages?

    Saturday, January 25, 2014 4:37 AM