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  • Hi All,

    We have 8 sites all connected via an MPLS network.

    The MPLS network links from all sites come into one data center where our two main domain controllers are, holding all the FSMO roles.

    However from Active Directory Sites and Services it is showing replication is all to one site (Automatically Generated).
    The layout is as Follows

    DC1 (2003 R2)= Data Center 60 Mbps Link
    DC2 (2003 R2)= Data Center 60 Mbps Link
    DC3 (2008R2)= State Office 40 Mbps Link
    DC4 (2008R2)= State Office 10 Mbps Link
    DC5 (2008R2)= State Office 10 Mbps Link
    DC6 (2008R2)= State Office 3 Mbps Link
    DC7 (2008R2)= State Office 4 Mbps Link
    DC8 (2008R2)= State Office 2 Mbps Link

    All replication seems to be going to and from DC6 and I'm not sure why.

    Searching Google, about the only answers I can come up with is about the multiple domain controller limit where by if you have greater than 3 (or 8 I have seen on some sites) can have no more than 3 hops between DC's, but this still doesn't explain why it is choosing the domain controller in an office with an extremely slow link to replicate from and to. (except the hostname begins with an A so unless its choosing alphabetically as the 3 hop limit doesn't apply) 

    Being on an MPLS network all domain controllers have about 8-9 hops between all of them. (We don't control the MPLS network)

    I have also read that by removing the automatically generated replication entries that they will be regenerated every 15 minutes by KCC

    What would the easiest method be to get all domain controllers to replicate to and from the Domain Controllers in the data center?

    Friday, June 14, 2013 4:23 AM


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