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    I have 2 database both on SQL Server, both are having different application 

    S1 -- Server1 ,D1 -- Database1 

    S2 -- Server2 , D2 -- Database2

    the user of D1 is using table T1 (customer table) he does insert, update on the table T1.

    the user of D2 is using table T2 (customer table) doing insert ,update on the table T2.


    assume on the start of the day Table T1 in the database is having 800 records and it is increased to 50 more records at the end of the day. What I wanted is 50 rows which are added today needs to transferred to the table T2 available in the database D2 at the end of the day, so that user of D2 can view the newly added data when he is starting on the next day.




    Friday, April 20, 2012 5:57 AM


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