Using Lookup Field in Folder Content Type RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    can anyone solve my problem?:

    When I change Title field of an item of a list of content type based on Folder content type,

    which contains a Lookup field (multiple selection), that lookup field's value disappears.

    When I turn it back, it appears again..


    This is step by step description how to reproduce the behavior:

    1) I create a content type MyFolder based on a Folder content type and add another field MyLookup of type Lookup (multiple)

    2) I create a list MyList based on MyFolder content type

    3) I insert an item to list MyList, filling field Title with "some value" and MyLookup with "some value", save

    4) I modify that item filling Title with "some other value", save => value of MyLookup field DISAPPEARS!

    5) I modify same item filling Title back the "some value" => value  of MyLookup field APPEARS AGAIN!


    It seems the Title field behaves as a primary key and changing it, makes some integrity corruption. But why it influences

    only multiple Lookup (not single selection) fields and HOW can it be workarounded??? Pls help!


    Thanks a lot,


    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 12:06 PM