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  • I want to add a custom field to store the customer billing rate per resource and be able to export it with visual reports with timephased data so that I can run some cost and revenue reports with the data exported. I have read forums that way (and tried too ) that custom fields don't get exported with visual reports. I tried data export but I haven't been able to get the exported data in pivot table format in the same way way as the visual reports. In visual reports the data is grouped by month or weekly and in normal data export I can't group that data. If I select the start/finish dates then i have two dates. What i am looking for is for example actual hours for each month by resource or by task over say 6 month period. Has anyone else run into this and knows a way to either include custom fields in visual reports (ideal solution) or to export the data such that it groups by month and what fields I need to export to get that?



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  • Custom fields aren't timephased. WHat's wrong with using the standard rate for resources? Each resource can have up to 5 different rates that can be assigned to individual assignments.

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    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:56 PM
  • Thanks for the response Rod. All of those 5 rates are costs and at any given time I can only have one of those costs assigned to a resource. The custom field I want to add is the revenue (billing rate to the client - per resource) so that I can run profitability reports. I Understand custom field cannot be included in the visual reports that are timephased (although it shows custom field in the field picker) and I am ok with just exporting the data to excel with my custom field but my problem is when I do that the data (actual Costs, actual Work etc) are not grouped by month or by week.



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