Message from Exchange 2003 user to Exchange 2007 user not creating Journal Report in Exchange 2007 Journal Mailbox. RRS feed

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    Hi All,


    I am testing Exchange 2007 journaling and have come across a situation that no-one else seems to be able to reproduce. Therefore I am thinking there is something odd about my configuration, but need guidance from Exchange experts on what should be my next action.


    The situation is:


    User A's mailbox is on an Exchange 2003 SP2 Server - Journaled to Exch-2k3 mailbox through Mailbox Store properties, using Envelope Journaling.

    User B's mailbox is on an Exchange 2007 (64 bit) Server - Journaled to Exch-2k7 mailbox through Mailbox Store properties, not a Journal Rule.


    Both servers are in the same Exchange organisation.


    When User A sends a mail to User B, the Journaled version of the message is appearing in the Journal Mailbox without the Journal Report - aka a regular Exch2k3 message. The Exch2k3 version is journaled as expected - using Envelope Journaling.


    For all intents and purposes, my Exchange configuration echoes my colleagues - identical Hub Transport and Virtual SMTP Server settings, but they cannot reproduce my problem. Has anyone seen this, or can suggest what I need to do?


    Please advise on what message headers are of most importance here, so I can post relevant data.


    Any help is much appreciated.




    Wednesday, September 12, 2007 7:56 AM