• Hi..

    I have a dimension table that has fields :  ID,NAME,CODE 

    and also i have a Fact table that has fields : DIM_ID, TARGET,ACTUAL and WEIGHT...

    I must show Target,Actual and Weight values of every record in Dimension table. The problem is that ; Scoring pattern , trasholds and weights of every record is different. Some of them are decreasing better, some of them increasing better...

    So i have made one KPI for every record and filtered with DIM_ID. But every day row count of dimension table is increasing. i must create new KPI's for new rows. So maintenance is getting difficult day by day.  

    Is there another way to achieve this. TARGET,ACTUAL and WEIGHT columns exists in Fact table. Can i do this in scorecard with one KPI.

    Another question is can i give weight of KPI in scorecard from measure. Now we do this by entering a weight property for KPI in scorecard manually. so when the weight of KPI changes ,we open scorecard and update that value manually.

    any help will make me happy...



    Thursday, November 07, 2013 8:46 AM