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  • Hey Folks,

    I spent half the day on reading different Forums / blogs etc. to understand and calculate the amount of CALs I need for the Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 but Im somehow unlucky and couldnt find a good answer, so maybe one of you knows.

    So here is my scenario:

    We are running an online platform where customers can Login, this platform is connected to an AD where the credentials are stored.

    Of course the Platform customers constantly forget their passwords and it need to be changed from IT.

    This workload is supposed to be taken away from IT and assigned to the department running this platform and we are looking into using MIM to give a group of 5-10 employees access to reset passwords for the customers via MIM instead of granting access to the AD.

    Lets say we have 4000 Customers (external Users) and 5 Administrators.

    The 5 Administrators should only be able to reset Passwords via a Website. - no more functionality is needed.

    How many CALs do I actually need?

    4000?, 4005? 5?


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  • Hi,

    since you manage those 4000 (external) users and the admins in MIM (you will need to have the accounts in MIM) you need one of the following options:

    1. 4005 CALs as an per user CAL
    2. 5 CALs for the admins and one external connector (users) CAL for unlimited external user.

    Option 2 is only valid if those users are externals (not employees) and makes sense if the amount of users will rise a way you cannot exactly calculate. There might be a break even point where external connector CAL is cheaper than the single user CAL.

    Best to talk about that is you license seller from Microsoft.

    I did not find the documents that states that but I was told once in the past that licenses are required for all users when you install MIMService connector and the objects you sync to the Portal.


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    Wednesday, July 25, 2018 8:12 AM