Upgrading VSCode or Circuit (communicator) fails with Process Explorer running RRS feed

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  • Upgrading VSCode or Circuit (communicator) fails with Process Explorer running, and subsequently VSCode, Circuit, etc are will not run.

    Investigation reveals:

    • App's new install files are in a subdirectory of the binary directory
    • App's Exe in binary directory is locked
    • Released with handle64 Exe disappears
      (guess: the remove had already been issued but was 'hung'???)
    • Installation has already failed and now the program will not run
    • Fix is to release loci with Handle64, copy subdirectory of new files over parent
      (has worked every time so far, perhaps 3-5 times)
    • Shutting down app or shutting down Process Explorer avoids the problem
    • FYI: VirusTotal scanning has been on every time
      (possibly this is the direct cause of file locking)


    • Most obvious: Don't install an update of running app with Process Explorer running
    • Copy failed install over old version (works)
    • Shutdown app (if possible) before running upgrade

    Part of the issue is that this type of update offers it while the app is running.  If the user chooses to upgrade this is initiated while the app is still running and so available to be locked by Process Explorer.

    I can't say (for certain) which party is responsible:  Process Explorer, the Apps that do such updates, or the User (me).

    It seems reasonably definite that this is an interaction between Process Explorer and apps with this type of "running update check and upgrade".

    I don't need anything besides knowing that people who CAN fix it know about it.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018 2:59 AM