Access Denied to PWA RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We are working with Project Online. We opened 2 PWA environments (test and prod) with Project Permission Model.

    We are working for 1.5 years on the prod env. and it was fine.

    Due to the joining of a new department we started to modify SharePoint permissions and also the User Sync settings within the server settings. We didn't change anything in the Manage Groups menu.

    We are experiencing some unexpected phenomenons:

    1. A user from the new department was added to the Project Managers group. She can login to PWA but not to project pro (although PM's from the other departments can)
    2. We unchecked all user sync options from server settings and deleted the "Synchronized with Project Web App" groups from PWA root site permissions. We did this so these groups are not inherited to project site with inheritance. According to documentation, in Project Permission Model this shouldn't affect access to the PWA itself, but the user was denied of access to the PWA, as well as "older users"
    3. We returned to the previous situation (re-checked the sync options and re-added the groups). The groups came back empty. Permission was still denied
    4. We gave the user a direct permission. She could login to the Projects page but was denied access to a Project Information page of the project she saw in Project Center
    5. We checked in the test environment, where we didn't delete the groups. The "Synchronized with Project Web App" are all empty and the user can't login


    Monday, November 7, 2016 8:19 AM