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  • What to do when Outlook 2010 refuses to access .pst?

    I backed up my .pst file to a file within my documents file.  Then, Outlook 2010 would not open files.  I went to the backup file and selected that file.  Outlook opened it, but sub-folders are lost or mis-filed now.


    Couldn't some department at M$ figure out how to efficiently backup Outlook files?  This shouldn't be such a big deal as this is done easily enough in all other Office programs.  Also, with Outlook being such a heavy lifter in the office, attention to the updating of this program should be considered!

    Now that I've vented, could someone please help me get back on track!  I'd like my Outlook files to look as they did before I backed things up!

    Sunday, April 15, 2012 11:03 PM


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