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  • Hey everyone, I work in a public library and we have our public pc's locked down pretty good.  But we have been seeing little things come up over the past couple of years since we moved to Win7 Pro from XP that I am unfamiliar with and have not been able to find a resolution.  For this post I will only ask about one issue.  We use GPO's to control pretty much everything and we created new GPO's and upgraded/tweaked them for Win7.  We are redirecting the AppData(Roaming), Desktop, and Documents folders and I have verified the permissions repeatedly to no avail.  We went from mandatory profiles with XP to the 3 redirected folders in Win7 to try to speed up login times.  That has helped in almost all cases, but I feel that it has opened Pandora's box in others.  Such as this issue for one.

    What our staff and I have seen is that randomly on public access machines, in different locations, with different users, at different times, the icons on the desktop become unresponsive until you logoff or reboot.  We have standardized our pc's and have them on 3 year rotation with HP 6300's, 600's, and 800's and I use WDS to push down a standardized image.  So they are all running the same basic things.  Win7Pro, IE10, Office 2010, Adobe Reader, Flash, etc., but I again am sure that I have just not been asking the right question via Google to search of a proper response. 

    So does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you,


    Wednesday, January 21, 2015 5:24 PM


  • Hi LibraryITGuy,

    The main issue is all the desktop will be unresponsive and we cannot operate the machine or just the icons on it are unresponsive and we can still operate it ?

    Have you tried to restart the "Windows Explorer" process to have a check through the task manager by pressing Ctrl +Alt+ Del ?

    This issue may be caused by application crashing or some specific process occupied much system sources .

    When the issue occur ,we can open the task manager to check whether there is a specific application crashing or some specific process occupying many system sources. If there is a suspicious  process ,we can try to end it manually and  have a check.

    As an alternative choice ,we also can use Process Explorer to check the process running at present .
    Process Explorer v16.04

    Meanwhile ,please check the Event Viewer for any warnings or errors related to this .This path may be helpful :
    Event Viewer\Windows Logs \Application
    Best regards 

    Thursday, January 22, 2015 9:55 AM