SSRS sending the same report 5 times


  • Starting Monday, whenever we run a subscription from SSRS, 4 additional ghost copies of the report will be produced at half hour increments at roughly 26 and 56 minutes after the hour.  For example, our report runs at 5PM, we will get duplicate emails at 526,556,626,656.  The email carries an execution time in the subject, this time does not update with each email.  All 5 emails say it was executed at 5PM.

    Here is what we have seen with playing with the report scheduler.        

    1.        This problem can be created on command with any of my reports. 
    2.        Schedule a job, report comes out as designed.  Ghost report comes out around 26 or 56 minutes after the job was scheduled to run.
    3.        If the subscription  is deleted from the report server,  after the scheduled execution time, ghost reports will stop coming out.
    4.        If I create a new subscription and schedule it 10 minutes in the past, the report isn't executed, and no ghost reports come out.
    5.        This happens the same for email or file share reports.

    It could be worth noting, this all started on the time chance weekend.



    Tuesday, November 12, 2013 10:51 PM


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