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  • I have made a content type named My Links.  The ID is  0x010500441C271B9233B543ACEFEF8B02F8DB18.  I have this content type inheriting from the OOB Links content type (you can tell by the ID 0x0105 is Links).

    I copied the LinksList feature/list definition files and renamed it for My Links.

    In the schema.xml I changed only the <ContentTypes> section.  Here is what it looks like:
          <ContentTypeRef ID="0x010500441C271B9233B543ACEFEF8B02F8DB17">
            <Folder TargetName="RSS Link" />
     <ContentTypeRef ID="0x0120" />

    Everything else in the schema.xml is the exact same as the schema.xml in the LinksList definition.
    For now I am just trying to have a list of type My Links use my custom content type.

    When I create a new My Links list it DOES associate a new content type that inherits from My Links content type (for example the ContentTypeID of a list item in a My Links list would be: 0x010500441C271B9233B543ACEFEF8B02F8DB180049CE014EA4F3C94CAD7F1CDBC1FE12F7)

    However, it is using the name "Links" instead of "My Links".  So if I check the content type by using SPListItem.ContentType.Name it will be "Links" when I want it to be "My Links".  This will cause an issue for me when I use content query web parts to get "My Links" because it won't find any.

    Where do I set the name of the content type for the list instance?
    Monday, September 22, 2008 11:13 PM

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  • Sorry to bump this one back up, but should I have posted this under the Configuration forum?  There must be someone somewhere with knowledge of List Definitions, right?

    Does anyone need more clarification on the issue I'm having?

    Thursday, September 25, 2008 4:14 PM