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  • I understand Alternate Access Mappings, but I need to understand the impact here. We install SharePoint farms into hundreds of clients and a typical install has been formulated to work on a variety of scenarios.

    Basically, we setup the default zone of both the main Portal and My Sites to be an internal address that is hosted by the index server http://indexserver:1234 and then we extend that site to the REAL Url that users will type in http://myportal.domain.com. SharePoint crawls those start addresses of the INTERNAL index server only, and not the real extended URLs. This ensures that the default zone is always NTLM authenticated (if the client wants to switch to FBA, use federated, or stick a TMG/UAG in front with a forms login, they dont have to change configuration to account for this) and that the contextual search works (Search This Site, Search This List). This has been discussed before .. contextual search does not work unless the default zone is NTLM authenticated.

    In practice I have found no problems with this configuration, except that the Health Analyzer sends a warning of "Alternate Access URLs have not been configured" and tells us that the default zone needs to be the same as what a user would type in. This would break contextual search if the site was FBA authenticated (for example).

    Which is best practice here? What is this rule meant to resolve? What problems will I see with my configuration that this health rule is supposed to mitigate? I have verified alerts and other common functionality and it seems to all be AAM aware). What am I missing?

    Has anyone run into this series of decisions and came to the same conclusion?

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 4:11 PM


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  • The rule is meant to communicate that the user is accessing http://search.company.com, but the only AAM configured (the Default Zone) is http://search.  Simply add http://search.company.com to one of the other zones (Extranet, Internet) and modify the IIS bindings to match.
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    Thursday, August 11, 2011 6:12 PM
  • The recommendation in recent years is to utilize Host Named Site Collections.  To do this you create a default web app to host all the Host Named Site Collections.  If your default web app has no host header it defaults to the machine name it is created from.  This in turn leads to a Health Analyzer Error Message of: Alternate access URLs have not been configured

    Is this rule typically ignored or is there a better way to implement?

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    Wednesday, July 8, 2015 4:42 PM