Simple monitoring of custom class health RRS feed

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  • I am insterting custom classes which are inherited from Entity(for lack of knowing what I should inherit from). This class has 10 columns or so of data.  I have built a view to show each item i've inserted via my connector which works.  I simply wish to create a monitor(and health model???) which will let me know when one of those custom classes fields is outside some spec.   This seems like it should be pretty straightforward, yet I cannot figure out how to do it using the Autoring Console for my management pack or otherwise.

    Ideally, I have one type of custom class which has a hosting relationship to some others and I would like for any out of spec monitor on the child classes to indicate(or roll up) on the parent class, but I would settle for just figuring out how to do a basic custom class monitor/health model/alert).



    Tuesday, November 30, 2010 5:52 PM