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  • I will try to make my question as coherant as possible.  :)

    I'm running a Gateway FX series computer with Vista Home Premium.  In the front of the cabinet is a sliding door with bays for two internal SATA drives to be used for data and/or backup.  The drives can be easily inserted and removed at will.  The procedure, as indicated in my Gateway instruction book, is to shut off the computer completely before removing and/or inserting any drives.  The atvantages of this system are two: (1) being able to back-up to a terabyte internal drive and then being able to store it in a secure location, and (2) being able to use these disks for the storage of large data files, giving an almost limitless storage capacity (provided you don't mind swaping disks from time to time).  Of course, after doing so, I have to go into Disk Management to activate the drives I've inserted and have drive letters assigned.  My question is this:

    Whenever I change disks, Vista ramdonly assigns drive letters.  I usually have to change drive letters manually back to what they were the last them those particular disk were in the computer, so that software running files on those disks will be able to find them.  For example, I have a disk with the volume name "Music 1".  If I take it out to replace it with "Music 2", then a week later replace "Music 2" with "Music 1" again in order to get files there, I then have to rearrange drive letters to make sure "Music 1" had the same drive letter it had when it was last present.  Is there a way for Vista to reserve a particular drive letter for a particular disk even when it is not present in the computer, say, linked to the disk's serial number of volume label?

    So, for example, if, when creating the volume for disk "Music 1", I assign it drive letter K, then remove it in favor of another disk, when I put it back in again, is there a way to make sure it will automatically be assigned drive ltter K as before; or must this always be done manually when swapping disks in and out?

    I hope that makes sense.  :)

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009 4:04 PM