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    I came across a company (large ent, many forests, domains and locations) using infoblox for DNS, including AD integrated zones and MSDCS records. Currently MS DNS is installed on some DC's in some domains and some are configured with conditional forwarders for each inside domain, some with only absolute forwarders (all forwarders to infoblox). There are currently no AD integrated zones for any inside domain.

    I need to standardize and documents this setup. The choices are remove MS DNS entirely and retarget all apps to infoblox. Or recover the MSDCS records for each domain back to AD Integrated, and use conditional forwarders for all other records in the domains (back to infoblox - all clients would remain pointing to infoblox). Absolute forwarders for all domains not AD integrated. (create zones, transfer zone records back to AD, change DC NIC DNS CFG, setup forwarders)

    My question is what is the official MS best practice for this? Looking for a Microsoft employee to provide a KB or statement that I can reference in CAB meetings.. Thanks to all the IT SME's out there, but not looking for opinions/conversations on what works, both solutions work just fine. I am looking to make this fully supportable and in line with MS BP's.

    The only main point I see here is that if WAN networking to infoblox dies, or infoblox themselves die - so do all the DC's without access to their own svc records. If we use AD first for only this - then they survive a fault, at least for the LAN.

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    Monday, November 4, 2019 9:45 PM

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  • Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your posting here.

    >>What is the MS defined Best Practice for AD DNS (MSDCS records) when using Infoblox?

    Please understand,since Infoblox is a third-party product, which we are not focus on , I would suggest you contact the vendor of Infoblox for further help.

    It is also appreciated that the other members in our forum can share their experience with us about this scenario.

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    Tuesday, November 5, 2019 2:58 AM