EMET 4.0 incompatibilities on Windows XP Professional x64 edition RRS feed

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  • So here's a list of some of the misconfigured applications in "Popular Software.xml", in fact except for the removal of Skype and the addition of W.L. Photo Gallery they are exactly the same applications as in EMET 3.0.
    Doesn't anyone read the feedback?

    Operating System: Windows XP x64
    DEP: Always On

    Offending Application: 7z920-x64.msi
    Offending Executable: 7zG.exe
    Offending Setting: EAF

    To recreate the bug, follow these steps:
    1. Install 7z920-x64.msi and EMET (Duh)
    2. Import "Popular Software.xml" (double-Duh)
    3. In Windows Explorer highlight some files, then right-click them, select 7-Zip >> Add to archive ...
    4. In 7-Zip click on the "..." button in the top, right-hand corner
    5. Ka-Boom! DEP mitigation error
    6. Disable EAF for 7zG in EMET
    7. Repeat steps 3 & 4
    8. Where's the Ka-Boom?  There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering Ka-Boom!

    Offending Application: 7z920-x64.msi
    Offending Executable:  7zFM.exe
    Offending Setting: EAF

    Offending Application: winrar-x64-420.exe
    Offending Executable:  winrar.exe
    Offending Setting: EAF

    Offending Application: Video LAN Client (64-bit)
    Offending Executable:  vlc-2.0.7-win64.exe
    Offending Setting: EAF

    Offending Application: Windows Live Photo Gallery (14.0.8117.416)
    Offending Executable:  PhotoLibrary.msi
    Offending Setting: Caller

    Offending Application: Internet Explorer (64-bit)
    Offending Executable:  iexplore.exe
    Offending Setting: EAF

    Seriously, how can Internet Explorer have slipped through the net, I know it's not the commonly used version, but it's still one of the more critical components.
    Friday, July 19, 2013 11:47 AM