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  • Hi I noticed issues with the new look SPO libraries today and I'm wondering if others have noticed it too or if its a local issue. I am building a data classification structure based on managed content types and columns in SharePoint Online. I want to allow users only select from my custom content types for libraries and not use the out of the box content types. I am building in managed columns to the content types that will have implicit data classification and prompt users to enter classification info via the Document info panel when creating and uploading files.

    All this works as expected using libraries with classic library view enabled, users can only select from my content types when the select "new" to add an item to the library and are prompted to fill out the document info panel. I want to roll out the sites using the new look libraries as I know MS are keen to enable this for all in SPO next year and want to avoid a second change on users.

    If I switch the libraries to new Look then I am unable to suppress the default Document as a n option under "New" even though I have it marked hidden in the Library settings. I am also not seeing the Managed columns that attaché to the content types in the library with New Look. Im not using any code or customization, this is all built on out of the box functionality in SharePoint Online. Is this a bug, feature or just me?

    Thursday, September 22, 2016 3:43 PM

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  • Hi Danask,

    I can reproduce this action in my own tenant environment, in new look library, hide the other default content type, it will also remain the link and folder content type in new dropdown list.

    As I understand, this is the new feature for the new look library by design, not a bug. 


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    Friday, September 23, 2016 5:57 AM