Task bar/Side bar problems. Why there is so hard to make a quick launch toolbar in the Taskbar? RRS feed

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  • 1) i m an IT pro, as a NEW user, i want to enable the quick launch tool bar in my taskbar, i have to know how to ADD THE PATH, and the path is not a "normal user" will know how to do it!! Then have to drag from left to right. then..... WOW!!! BAD user experience. Why the switching "on/off" is missing in the Taskbar setting like previous Windows versions do? i wish to have an easier way to enable it easily. Or tell me what is the easier way to do that which i might missed out.

    2) I love the Pin feature in the taskbar. But by default, the pin of IE, Explorer & Media player, make the taskbar messy. when i open IEs, it will has a IE application bar on the left, if i open a folder, it will open on the right, if i open again IE, it will display on the left.... my head just turn left n right, left and right. May be as a new system, new users, they will feel that y this system so MESSED?!(ofcos i know i can unpin them), again, this is a bad user experience. (dun force me to use combine mode, bcos i dun like it, but i m sure many ppl like it)

    3) Why have to fix the location of "Show Desktop/Peek to desktop" on the right hand site??? It is a damn cool feature, i love it so much, but too bad, i prefer it on the left hand side which beside the Start button. But may be other users like it on the right side.... Wish it can be draggable to any location of the taskbar.

    4) The most i hate is the Sticky Notes, I love this features, but when i have few Notes, it is always in my task bar. Wow... Annoying me... Can I have more settings on it? If not i rather use a 3rd party gadget in the Sidebar.

    5) The Side bar is not as smart as last time in Vista, it is not auto arrange. i have to drag them to the position, if i delete 1 of my gadget, and they are 5 gadgets, i have to drag one by one for 5 times. some gadgets will block the view of others. BAD user experience again. Another most important question, how to disable my sidebar???????????

    6) Last but not least, i am happy to see there are many many improvements in the Task bar and Side bar... Jump list, pin, make the buttons bigger, more customization.....  Thanks.

    P/S : Later i will sent a bug list (may be i dunno how to make it well, HELP me if u know how ;) )


    Thursday, May 28, 2009 11:29 AM


  • Jason,

    The Quick Launch toolbar has been removed by default because of the new ability Pin items to the Taskbar. This allows for a more streamlined user experience, and most normal users should no longer need the Quick Launch toolbar.

    Your should consider posting your other UI comments to our comments thread , so they will be considered by the developers.
    Thursday, May 28, 2009 1:06 PM