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  • Hello,

    I posted this question on the Technet forum but was told to post it here, so... I hope someone can help me out here?

    It seems like I cannot deploy properly OneDrive.exe. as an IT administrator.

    I am using 2 virtual machines: a Windows 10 computer and a Windows Server 2012 R2 (to use GPMC on Active Directory)

    My goal is to set the Administrative settings for OneDrive for Business so that all the users that are under my tenant ( are bound/tied to these settings that I applied. So here are my questions.

    As the IT administrator:

    1. Do I have to install and set up the adminsitrative settings of the new OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync App on ALL computers? (as in the computers that my users are using)? Or do I just set the administrative settings on my computer (win10) and would they also apply to all users under my tenant?

       -I would appreciate a detailed guide on how to properly deploy and add the configuration setting registry keys on OneDrive.exe. I tried to follow the guide on the article "Deploying the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client in an enterprise environment" but was NOT able to do it. If someone could provide me a guide with screenshots on how to do this, it would be very helpful. (please remember I am new -and not so good- to IT)

     2. I understood that some settings such as "DefaultToBusiness" and "EnableAddAccounts" are able to be set before the installation of OneDrive.exe. Is it okay if I do not run the "EnableAddAccounts"? Since we do NOT want our users to be using any other OneDrive account on their computers (other than the company's OneDrive for Business), if I do not run this setting, it will not allow them to add another O365 or OneDrive (consumer) account to that computer right??

    3.How do I set the other administrative registry keys (DisablePersonalSync,EnableEnterpriseTier,GPOEnabled,DefaultRootDir, and DisableCustomRoot)?? Again, I tried to follow the guide provided on the article "Administrative settings for the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client" but was NOT successful. So a detailed guide with screenshots might help me understand and run these settings in a better way (and hopefully be succesfful).

    4. Since these administrative registry keys are applied through Group policies, do I have to set them through my GPMC?? Right now I can only see the folder "Skydrive" which contains 3 templates. How can I apply all these administrative settings for OneDrive for Business on my Server (windows server 2012 R2) so that they apply to all computers under my domain?? Please, a guide with screenshots would be easier to understand and follow.

    I am sorry this got really long, but I hope someone can help me out


    Monday, March 28, 2016 1:18 AM


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