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  • I was just made aware of an issue with changes made in active directory not being reflected in the Exchange/Outlook address book. Our CEO (formerly our CFO) is listed in active directory as CEO yet when anyone looks up her name in the Outlook address book she is still listed as our CFO. This is also true of several other employees who have been promoted with a resultant change in there title. The changes were made in AD yet they are never updated in the Address book. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and what I might do to correct the problem?

    We are on Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Exchange 2003 SP2.

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Are the users able to download Offline Address Book?

    First thing, Update your Offline Address Book and try to locate a client machine(which you think has the issue), download the offline address Book and check if the information is outdated!

    If you are not able to download the oab then, that will be the root cause of the issue and that is what you have to be looking at!

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  • From what I have read in the Outlook Help files the address book is supposed to be updated once a day when running outlook in cached mode. All of our workstations are using Outlook 2003 and above and all are operating in cached mode. How would downloading the offline address book help in this situation? I would think the updates would take care of this issue but obviously they do not.

    Since there is not way that I can see of editing a users details anywhere other than in Active Directory I don't understand why the updates are not being updated in the address book given what I read in the help files. Before I start making changes to any of our workstations I need to understand what the change will do and feel comfortable that I will not be creating another problem while trying to fix the one I have.

    After writing the above reply I went back to the help files and read about how the outlook offline address book works and how Exchange updates the information. I also tried downloading the offline address book on my work station and I can say that I did not see any changes in the information. Our CEO is still listed as our CFO in the address book. I might ad that her title was changed in active directory about 6 years ago. Since that time there have been many new installations of MS Office and Outlook on many new computers. During those installs we would have had a full synchronization of the outlook address book yet the in formation is still quite old. This leads me to assume that Exchange is not updating the address book files when changes are made to active directory. Any thoughts on where I might look to fix that?
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  • can you change any one of the outlook from CachedMode to online mode and then query for the user in question. Then access the properties of the user and check whether if CEO is still shown as CFO?


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