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  • Morning all,

    I've decommissioned our old primary site and all relevant sites under it. This was due to several reasons, mostly a corrupt disk and moving to VM.

    I've now got a new primary site setup and all is working very smoothly and well. I'm still in the early stages of setup and have completed my boundary groups, site collections and client settings. As well as the latest updates to 1610 and a few other minor early doors tweaks.

    One thing I'm struggling with is the client's pushing out or updating existing config. We have around 900 devices across the estate over several sites, I've set the primary site as the location for all boundary groups to get files from simply as I've yet to create new DP's. But as it stands, only 300 clients have received the new site code setup. Returning a 99.0% client check for that 300. 

    What way can I force SCCM to do another 'push' at installing clients on active machines? My heartbeat is set to every 1 day and my maintenance flag set to every 21 days.

    The clients are spread out over all sites by the way and the 300 figure hasn't changed for several days and it went from 30ish to 300 in a day or 2. So it's obviously stopped reaching out.


    Tuesday, May 30, 2017 7:42 AM

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