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  • Trying to move 2.67 Mb of file is impossibly slow! I am moving files from one directory to another,  And I aqlso want to move them to an external HD.  I have windows Vista home premium and it doesn't move the files it just says it is and never does.  Any solutions????

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008 11:19 AM

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  • This is a known issue with vista, known to everyone but M$ continues to deny it exists up and down. So far the only suggestion from M$ is to turn UAC on... Lame I know. Here are the known helpful solutions from the moster 38 page forum that M$ is pretending doesn't exist.

    1. Turn off indexing service.
    Bring up run dialog, and type in services.msc.
    Set "Windows Search" to disabled. Searching will still work fine, and really shouldn't be any slower. On my system it actually sped things up. Just more proof M$ sucks at coding.

    2. Install the SP1 beta

    (Or wait, the final realese will probably be out next month)

    3. Hotfix, this only applies to network transfers, so it is doubtful it will have any effect on your system. This was another way M$ dodged this problem, by calling it something other than it was. Granted there was a network problem that was pretty bad, but this is totally different.

    Also you can tweak your HDD performance with only a small risk of data loss by going to the device manager, selecting your hard drive, going to properties, then policies and enabling advanced performance. It is recommended that you have a battery back-up to use this (If you are on a laptop and have 1GB of ram or more there is no reason this shouldn't be enabled)
    Friday, February 15, 2008 1:47 AM
  • Hi adalita

    This is an known issue. and MS has relase the hotfix. , please check http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931770/en-us

    The hotfix for Vista x86 and Vista x64 is different.

    Good Day!

    Friday, February 15, 2008 3:30 AM
  • Sigh... That is for NETWORK transfers! He is trying to move files on a LOCAL HARD DRIVE. Do you work for M$ by any chance?
    Friday, February 15, 2008 4:59 AM
  •  TheBigBadViolist wrote:
    Sigh... That is for NETWORK transfers! He is trying to move files on a LOCAL HARD DRIVE. Do you work for M$ by any chance?


    Ha, I am not working for MS.


    Yes, the official KB stated this hotfix will resolve the issue occurs when moving files from network to local machine.


    But acctually, according to many user experience, this hotfix will resolve the issue when moving file between different drives.


    I haven't met this issue yet. Please just have a try.


    Friday, February 15, 2008 9:39 AM
  • " On a Windows Vista-based computer, when you try to copy files from a server on a network, the copy process may stop responding (hang), and you may receive a message that resembles the following:
    Calculating Time Remaining

    0 minutes remaining
    This problem may occur only occasionally.

    Hotfix information

    A supported hotfix is now available from Microsoft. However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article. Apply this hotfix only to systems that are experiencing this specific problem.

    This hotfix might receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next service pack that contains this hotfix. "

    Any questions about the hotfix?

    Like I said before, wait for the SP1 final and disable the "Windows Search" service. SP1 should be out in the next couple of weeks.
    Friday, February 15, 2008 9:54 AM
  • I will give the suggestions a go!

    One very lame and stupid question what is UAC?

    Ill let you know how it goes!  Very stuipd of MS to not do anthing about a known problem!

    BTW I have a PC - AMD athalon 64 X2 dual core processor 6000+ with 2047 MB of memory

    and a Windows Vista Home premium 32 bit operating system

    Saturday, February 16, 2008 11:08 PM
  • UAC = User account control. The thing that pops up all the time saying "Are you sure you want to do this" Blah blah blah. If you want to turn it off open up the control panel and in the search box type in "uac" and it will give you a link "Turn user account control on or off"
    Sunday, February 17, 2008 3:42 AM
  • Download TeraCopy and use it for all file transfers. You can enable it to handle all file move/copy functions by default. It really sped things up for me.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008 12:33 AM
  • Never had the issue. Installed SP1.


    Now I have the issue, I cant move large file from or to ANY disk. As soon as it is over 50 MB

    It slows to a stop.


    -Exactly the same drivers as before

    -Same hardware


    The only difference is SP1, thnx MS, never had the issue before SP1 now my computer is unusable. And that is someting thats unthinkable.


    Uncle X



    Thursday, June 12, 2008 6:52 AM