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  • Any help would be appreciated.  Here is my delima:

    Just took over at this new company about a month ago and they have sharepoint running on this crappy server so I wanted to move it and found the KB that outlined how to do so, so here we go.......

    1) Needed to move Sharepoint from one server to another.

    2) Staged the second server to be identical to the source box right down to hotfixes and such.

    3) Everything seemed to go well and then I tried to perform the (stsa
    dm.exe -o restore -url http://shaerpointservername/sites/eaware -filename S:\share
    point.bak -overwrite) command.

    3A) It seemed to be running fine and then I got error message that restore directory didn't have enough space on the C: drive to complete the restore. Since I couldn't figure how to make it restore the db to another volume (SAN share), I just moved the db's created during SQL install to the SAN (via dettach, copy & paste, then attached from new location) and figured the restore job would recoqnize them in their new location and restore the db file from the .bak backup to the SAN.

    Then I ran command above again... 

    3B) When I run the command w/out the -overwrite switch I get...."Another site already exists at 'sites/eaware'.  Choose a new url or specifiy the -overwrite flag to overwrite the existing site".  Which to me implies it was going to let me restore the db. 

    3C) Then when I add the -overwrite switch I get...."Cannot complete this action." "Please try again".

    May main problem is I am really ignorant when it comes to DB administration therefore I'm not really sure how to (or what to use) to check the DB health and integrity. Oh btw, they are running darn WSS 3.0 SP!...yeah I said SP1.  Scared to upgrade to SP2 before moving sharepoint to this new server because I don't want to blow up anything.  Wanted to complete the move then test the upgrade on the old server. 

     I also ran the stsadm -o databaserepair -url http://sharepointservername/site -databasename SharepointConfig command and received the following error...."Value did not fall within expected range".   Will continue to update my findings.


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  • Hi,

    1) Find the content Databases - stsadm -o enumallwebs Note: Do not move CentralAdmin

    2) Backup the content database with SQL Studio Manager

    3) Restore content database to new SQL Server with Studio Manager

    4) Create Web App on new Server - Central Admin->Application Management-> Create or extend Web App -> Create New Web App with database name of WSS_Content_REMOVE.

    5) Remove the current Content DB from the new WebApp - stsadm -o deletecontentdb -url "http://YourNewWebApp" -databasename WSS_Content_REMOVE -databaseserver yoursqlserver or Central Admin-> Application Management-> Content Databases-> Choose WebApp > Remove Content Database from your new web app.

    6) Add restored DB to New WebApp - stsadm -o addcontentdb -url "http://YourNewWebApp" -databasename YourRestoredContentDB -databaseserver yoursqlserver or Central Admin-> Application Management-> Content Databases-> Choose WebApp > Add Content Database to your new web app.

    7) Run ISSRESET



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