Unable to set CTCP as Congestion Control provider RRS feed

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  • Hello there

    I am unable to set parameter

    netsh int tcp set supplemental congestioncontrol=ctcp

    for setting the TCP congestion control to CTCP. However it always exits with the error

    One or more essential parameters were not entered.
    Verify the required parameters, and reenter them.
    The syntax supplied for this command is not valid. Check help for the correct syntax.

    Usage: set supplemental [template=]automatic|datacenter|internet|compat|custom


         Tag                Value
         Template           - One of the following values:
                              custom, datacenter, automatic, compat, internet.
                              Warning: Changing template parameters will affect all
                                       previous filters for subnet/port.
         minrto             - Controls TCP retransmission timeout. 20 to 300 msec.
         icw                - Controls initial congestion window. 2 to 64 MSS.
         congestionprovider - Controls the congestion provider.
         enablecwndrestart  - Controls whether congestion window is restarted.
         delayedacktimeout  - Controls TCP delayed ack timeout. 10 to 600 msec.

         netsh int tcp set supplemental custom 20 16 dctcp enabled 10

    Remarks: When only the template parameter is specified, the TCP default
             global template is modified. If additional parameters are specified
             in addition to the template parameter, then the specified template
             is modified.
             When minrto is modified ensure that the delayedacktimeout is less
             than minrto.

    Even the example given as default does not work.

    I'd like to know -

    (a) Whether their is a syntax error in while executing this command. If the syntax is incorrect then please provide the valid syntax.

    (b) Is there a logical alternative to setting the TCP congestion control to CTCP without using the command line interface.

    Wednesday, August 10, 2016 2:37 PM