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    Some connected data sources like Active Directory and other LDAP directories can provide reference attributes directly to MIIS/ILM/FIM, for example: manager, assistant, secretary...

    Other connected data sources (like databases) might not expose the attributes as reference.
    The sync engine (MIIS/ILM/FIM) will recognize them as alpha-numeric type attributes (string, number, nchar, binary, ...)

    In that case you need to manually configure the MA on the sync engine to recognize the reference attributes.

    If you fail to do so, you'll get errors when you try to map the attribute flows, with errors like the examples below.

    The type of <CS attribute> (Binary) is not compatible with the type of manager (Reference)

    The type of <CS attribute> (Number) is not compatible with the type of manager (Reference)

    The type of <CS attribute> (String) is not compatible with the type of manager (Reference)

    In general the message is:
    "The type of <CS attribute name> (<CS attributeType>) is not compatible with the type of <MV attribute name> (<MV Attrbute type>)"


    If the reference field contains the anchor attribute of the manager, it's quite easy.
    It should be as simple as setting the "Reference (DN)" option of the attribute.

    The screenshots below show a database MA which has a ReportsTo attribute of type string, containing the manager's employeeID, which is anchor attribute of the MA. 

    Next, set the import flow (just direct, not advanced) in the DB MA.

    For exports to data sources, while maintaining the reference link, use the same procedure.
    For example: an AD export flow (direct).

    MIIS/ILM/FIM referential integrity will maintain the link for you.


    If the source reference does not contain the anchor value, or you need to build the reference for other reasons, you'll need more advanced configurations as explained in this document: Design Concepts for Reference Attributes

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    Peter Geelen (Traxion) - Sr. Consultant IDA (http://www.fim2010.be)

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