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  •  We are having some strange issues with dragging and dropping an appointment
    from one calendar to another. It appears that this issue only occurs on a
    particular recuring appointment series. This series was created for Tues, Wed and Thurs for the
    next five months. Once created each element of the series is modified with
    specific information. The appointment time may occasionally be modified as

    We are using:

    Outlook 2007
    Exchange 2008 SP1
    Vista Professional

    Unfortunately, this issue involves our President's Office. There are
    several staff members having access to the calendar. The hostess created the
    event on the President's wife's calendar. The President's administrative
    assistant can drag the individual days event to her instance of the
    President's calendar. The event is displayed. However, the event does not
    show up on any other user's instance of the President's calendar. These symptoms are
    consistent on all profiles trying to follow this procedure.

    We have been able to successfully drag and drop other calendar items
    from the President wife's calendar to his personal calendar profile. 

    We have told the staff that we suspect that the recurring series is corrupt
    and that the calendar items may need to be deleted and recreated. We suspect
    that a series was not intended to contain different data for each occurance,
    especially in a very complex series. We are thinking that the hostess should
    create individual entries for each daily appointment. Since this may not be
    practical for this semester, the administrative assistant may need to drag
    and drop the appointments while logged into the President's laptop and

    Does this sound like we are on the right track? Any other suggestions would
    be appreciated.


    Monday, February 2, 2009 9:34 PM


  • So, normal calendar items are viewable for all users’ instances of president’s calendar after assistant move the item to president’s calendar, except for a particular recurring meeting request series, right?

    How exactly did assistant move the items to president’s calendar? Does she have both calendar instances of president and his wife in her outlook?

    I tested the issue in the lab as yours. I moved the recurring appointment directly from outlook calendar of president’s wife to the instance of president calendar on her outlook, unless I perform a send/receive action on wife’s outlook, the copied item in her instance wouldn’t update to president’s calendar. So, when you said “The event is displayed”, do you mean that item was copied to the instance and truly updated to the calendar of president? Can you confirm it?

    Also, please check the granted permissions of those users who have the instance of president’s calendar. In order to share president’s calendar, the permissions I granted to users in my lab is:

    Create Items; Folder Visible; Edit Own Items; Read Items

    Notes: I use PFDavAdmin to do the test

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